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Power Choices & Money Reboot teams are here to coach and inspire you to create a "Road to Success" by understanding and applying Money Matters, People Skills and Business Results some for EVERYONE and some customized "especially for women" and operated by a local,

Southern California, successful entrepreneurial woman who is a Business & Money Coach, as well as, a Real Estate Broker who is also an internationally known keynote speaker.

Elenita Schneider is the President and CEO of a Southern California Real Estate Brokerage, VIP SUCCESS, INC. and offers money options and lifestyle balancing for both your Personal Achievement and Money Secrets with years of success helping VIPs, investors and new students to the exciting world of money flow.

As a successful real estate broker, and money coach, Elenita teaches that to be a VIP, doesn't just mean you are a "Very Important Person" since everyone is very important. Rather, to be a "VIP" as defined by Elenita, means that you are a "Very Inspired Person". Understanding this is the first step to your success. Working with Elenita and her team, you will learn how you can find your own path to success.

VIP Success, Inc. has trained many of Southern California's corporate decision makers in Fortune 100 and 500 companies along with thousands of corporate call center teams, executives and private individuals in hundreds of settings world wide.

The list of happy clients is long, and includes teams with: Microsoft, Verizon, Marriott, Sheraton, Air France, Hawaiian Airlines, Northwest Airlines, America West, Lufthansa, Weyerhaeuser, Pardee Sales & Construction, Shea Homes, Amgen, Mutual of Omaha, Xircom/Intel, Hewlett Packard, Mikasa Crystal and many others.

The companies listed above represent only a partial list of the Corporate VIPs and front line associates that have entrusted Elenita and her team at VIP Success, Inc. to guide them to total results and long lasting success.

Life takes twists and turns from surprise health challenges to sudden divorce to saddening deaths in the family to job promotions to home purchases to stock market climbs and crashes. Call us today to ease the flow of the ebbs and tides of life's money nuances and reduce stress while creating an enriching and calming path to success.

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Money Secrets of the Rich & Famous

    • Have you invested $500 an hour for experts?

    • What do successful people know that you don't?

    • We'll show you how to maximize all available resources.

Wealth Building for your Nest Egg

    • Open a home based business and net more now.

    • Establish a business for long term growth.

    • Deciding to own real estate or invest in a real estate trust?

    • Need passive income or portfolio or both?

Lifestyle Balancing & Time Freedom

    • Can you manage time or only your choices?

    • Are you burnt out or wonderfully happy?

    • Do you know how to achieve satisfying results?

Residential & Commercial Real Estate Solutions

    • Loan Mods Free & Short Sales Success

    • In Default Advocates and Home Saving Tools

    • Avoid Bankruptcy & Stop Foreclosure NOW!

    • Own, Invest, Buy or Sell Real Estate

    • Divorce, Probate, and Health Crisis Help

Job Search and Coaching

    • Find That Next Job or Ask for That Raise

    • Be promoted and Learn to Handle Office Drama

    • Professional Resume Writing Styles

    • Dress for Success & Interview Skills for Winners

Credit Repair is Doable

    • What is your score? What is your story?

    • Need help fast to improve your money reputation?

    • We can get you started today. Call for details.

Fear & Stress to Super Success!

    • We love to pay for coaching referrals.

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