Money Secrets

Money Secrets - What are they?

There are tons of techniques and legal tools that the rich and famous use:

To keep a grip on their money

To keep their money safe as possible

To grow it at the same time

Congress set up a variety of laws that they themselves wanted to take advantage of for some pretty amazing results. Some even calls these laws "the legal loopholes of the rich and famous."

For example, did you know:

  • If you (perhaps during a divorce) sign off of a deed on a house but your name is still on the loan itself that your spouse can still wreck your credit score by missing house payments which peg on your credit since you did not refinance the house without your name and the bank still sees you as one of the owners legally bound by the note you signed not the deed showing ownership is no longer yours?

  • Did you know that you actually can do “quick” credit repair techniques if you are in the middle of buying a home in an escrow – but not necessarily if you are just trying to rush things with no home sale.

  • Did you know if a credit card company forgives an amount of your balance that it can be considered taxable income to you added to your annual income but by seeing a CPA there is a form they may be able to use for you if you qualify to prove you don’t owe any such income on the forgiven note?

  • Did you know that your credit score can be improved with some simple steps like ensuring that with the total debt load no one card is more than 50% higher in balance than another? So don’t have 6 cards with 3 at zero balance and 3 at 100 of your limit. Rather have 6 cards all with not more than 50% on them showing nothing at the top. Did you know you can call credit card companies and request no annual fee and/or a lower interest rate than they assigned you and often end up paying less over all?

  • Did you know you can call your bank and ask for a courtesy removal of late fees or other punishment charges – and usually succeed once a year?

There is so much more.

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