Wealth Building

Wealth Building - To build a nest egg

The definition of being wealthy is:

If you are putting money in your pocket when you wake up in the morning without going to work – and that money covers all of your needs and bills, then you are wealthy due to the time freedom you have and the residual nature of the continuing cash flow.

This is true even if the total income is only $1,000 a month.

Whaaaat? – you may ask! Read on!

We are not talking about foregoing all good in life and being focused on the “love of money” what-so-ever.

We are talking about working smartly so that you have a diversified approach to the protection that stable choices can provide as far as the current systems are set up in the community or state you live in.

You may need referrals that are a match for you:

    • To the right CPA and/or

    • To the right type of Attorney

    • To the right Real Estate Broker

    • To the right Insurance contact

    • To the right total team for safest money solutions

which we can help you with in order to help you be set up correctly.

We are talking about educating and making choices that create further life balance while growing your money even while you are sleeping – through a planned approach.

We are talking about perhaps founding a business and incorporating or just having a small home based business.

If you are not doing one of these then you are losing money by not having the right tax deductions.

You might need to stop renting and buy a home – but how?

And is that home really an asset??? Does it add money to your pocket or drain it out? Do you know when to rent and when to own or invest?

If you have to go to work to pay for it and show up somewhere it is definitely better than renting but there are many details to know and to ensure ownership is right for you!

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There are different kinds of income.

    • Earned income: You show up to trade time for money. If you don’t show up nothing happens. Often as an employee or a small 1 person home business owner.

    • Passive income: For example: Rental income that flows from a rental property which is "passive" income and which is taxed differently than earned income.

    • Portfolio money: This type may mean dividends from stocks or bonds or other paper items that can flow to you but do go up and down and have certain risks.

There is the issue of understanding capital gains on real estate where the nest egg grows just because you are not a renter but can also go down in some situations – and avoiding the roll-coaster effect is powerful.

There is residual income where you cut a CD or a video once because you can sing or act – and forever get royalties.

There is the value of gold and silver which are tangible assets but if they are dropping are negatively affecting your bottom line of net worth.

Each of these items have pros and cons and steps to use them properly to maximize your money flow continually.

Even while you are sleeping or on the beach of your choice feeling the cool breeze on your face with an iced tea or a tall cold water!

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