About Us

About Us

VIP Success, Inc. is your best source for professional, value driven business training & HR management plus super sales techniques.

Established in 1990 and online since 1991, we have decades of collective and comprehensive knowledge and experience.

We provide a satisfaction guarantee for all services provided.

Founder, Elenita Schneider, is a nationally & internationally known motivational presenter & business mentor with over 20 years experience working with 1000's of employees of corporations and entrepreneurs world wide in hundreds of companies and many industries and call centers!

VIP Success, Inc. specializes in licensed & regulated environments, including utilities, telecommunications companies, insurance, travel, medical, dental, CPA & attorney firms plus network marketing companies & other office teams for big and small businesses & entrepreneurs alike!

Elenita is also a licensed real estate broker & Investor offering clients a full service business approach from employee development to business & commercial research & strategies with money matters success!

Our teams will help you increase sales, hire the right people, find the right job match, grow your business, see a money makeover and a personal makeover for complete call center, business & personal success!

Elenita established VIP Success, Inc. to help others deal with managing change and to propel themselves to be the best and most successful possible! Take back your power now!

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